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St. Mary's Primary School

"A life not lived for others is not a life." 

― St. Mother Teresa


St. Mary’s Primary School, Kovvali, is a new project in Andhra Pradesh, South India dedicated to educating the marginalized and poor children of the remote village. St. Mary’s Educational Society is duly registered and authorized to run the school. Our school is located in Kovvali a remote village far from the nearby city Ellore. The village is a big with many children but there are no educational facilities. And people mostly like to educate their children in a Christian institute knowing our devoted work and discipline.  They want to bring up their children in the Christian path even though they are Hindus by religion.

We have an outstanding staff of teachers who are dedicated and God fearing. They take special care of the children who are weak in studies. All our teachers work with low wages. I as the correspondent of the school, tell  them if we concentrate on those children who are bright and can grasp easily it is of no use,  rather  if we concentrate on those children who are weak and make them best students God will bless us. Being moved by the Spirit of God, we work hard and make the lives of the children better. We make sure that our children feel happy when they come to school and receive the best education possible. Our children are taught Christian prayers and the Gospel Values in St. Mary’s Primary School.

There are lot of barriers in the society where we live, mostly the caste plays an important role.  Here in our school children of all the caste come together to study and make friendship. This makes people equal at least in the field of caste. To tell the fact, Caste plays significant role in the Indian society. Earlier and till now Education stands right of the rich and dream of the poor. Even today many children graze buffaloes and work as child labourers. There is a custom of Untouchability in India. The high caste people does not touch the low caste the poor. Due to the growth of the literacy rate there is some change in the minds of the people. There is an attitude of untouchability even though not shown outside but people always degrade the poor people and children. We need to work hard to relieve people from this evil of untouchability.

St. Mary’s Primary School was established on June 12, 2016 with a mission of “Education to All and taking side of the downtrodden” After the establishment of our school most of the poor people started to send their children to our school for education. At St. Mary’s Primary school we start out classes from Nursery to 5th Class. We have classes from 9.00 clock in the morning till 4.00 clock in the evening. And those who are weak in studies are given special classes from 4.00 clock to 6.00 clock in the evening. Our aim is not to leave any child with below average. All the children should study well and have a best future in life. The Gospel values of Equality and Justice are very much taught in our school.

As we receive No funding from the Government, we invite you to join us in this noble cause of educating the marginalized and the poor children who are very talented and need support. Let us as people blessed by God and society help the needy children and make their future bright. Your little help will change the future of many children. The society changes if the children are educated. I request you to be the part of this change.  

Our School is guided and directed by Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone M.Div., D.D (Executive Director, Founder of Guatemala Missions and Saint Teresa of Calcutta Indian Mission). We are under the care and protection of Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone, a spiritual man of Charity and simplicity.

Attitude of Gratitude to Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone M.Div., D.D

Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone M.Div., D.D (Executive Director, Founder of Guatemala Missions) is a generous and noble person who loves the poor and needy. It is well expressed in the missions of Guatemala and Saint Teresa of Calcutta Indian Mission.

I, Fr. Augustine Nuna, have been in contact with our dear Bishop Joseph. from the year 2016. I know his loving nature and generous character. He has been exceedingly kind towards me and my mission. Whenever I speak to him, I experience fatherly concern and motherly assurance like our beloved Mother Mary, a friend in all the worries and problems.  I have been communicating to our beloved bishop about our St. Mary’s Primary School, which is run for the poor children of our area. Our dear Bishop Joe has been a great support and encouragement to our school. His noble support and encouragement gives us enthusiasm to work more for the poor children of our area. The staff and the students at St. Mary’s Primary School, Kovali, ever remain grateful to our dear Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone.

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