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Welcome to Indian Missions

In the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and community. Most importantly: for love. We are a family, where God’s love guides us all as we grow and expand year after year. 

Saint Teresa of Calcutta Indian Mission provides a real and loving home for needy children, especially orphans, to assist them with their right to live and grow up to be healthy, well-educated, and independent individuals, free from possible future exploitation. Saint Teresa assures the following:

  • To provide children with healthy and hygienic housing.
  • To provide children with clean and neat clothing.
  • To provide children the scope for physical development through nutritious food, sports, and games.
  • To provide children qualitative education.
  • To provide children spiritual development through regular prayer and frequent Mass.

Our mission is to provide orphans and vulnerable children a complete and healthy wellness of being, and a good chance at a successful future through financial, intellectual and other necessary contributions.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta's Mission will provide a real and loving home for needy children, especially orphans, to assist them with their right to live and grow up to be healthy, well-educated, and independent individuals free from possible future exploitation.

Under the patronage of Founder Bishop Joseph F Catrambone, Saint Teresa’s Mission vision is to care for and educate needy orphans and poor children and young adults of India. Address: Bishop Joseph F Catrambone D.D. Bishop’s House—636 Lakeworth Drive Gaithersburg Maryland 20878.E-mail: Phone: (001) 240-780-7642

Blessings of Dairy Farm and New Milking Machine

My dear brothers, sisters and well wishers of Guatemala Missions,

I am Fr. K. Anthoniswamy, a catholic priest belonging to the congregation of Good Shepherd Companions. I am under the care and protection of Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone, M.Div., D.D. (Executive Director, Founder of Guatemala Missions). 

 I live in andhra Pradesh, india. I am from a poor family. My parents are running a small dairy farm in my place; we have 8 buffaloes and few calves. The calves take nearly 3 to 4 years to grow up and give us milk.

As of now, we are four of us living in the dairy farm, I along with my parents and we have one worker named as ‘Gopi’ to help us in the dairy farm, the worker has no room to stay, he just stays under the shed in the dairy farm. The worker has no one to look after him; therefore we are looking after him.  After having come to know my family situation our dear Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone came forward and sponsored us a milking machine in our dairy farm. 

Our Dairy Farm and the milking machine was blessed by our beloved bishop Joe and the Good Shepherd Companions on Jan, 29, 2021 at 9:15 P.M of USA Eastern time. We are very much grateful to our dear Bishop Joe, the Good Shepherd Companions and all the well wishers of Guatemala Missions.

 Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone is not only our spiritual father but he is a man of charity, simplicity and a good friend in need. We ever remain grateful to him for all that he is to us. 

Please continue to pray for us and may your blessings be upon us always.  Continued prayers for you,

    Saint Teresa Of Calcutta's Indian Mission

    A ministry founded by Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone


    Contact the Bishop:

    Bishop Joseph F Catrambone
    636 Lakeworth Drive
    Gaithersburg Maryland 20878

    USA. E-mail:

    Phone: (001) 240-780-7642